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Why Choose Northstar IOP in Pompano Beach?

By now, youve learned who we are and what we do to help our clients. However, you are probably wondering why you should choose us for or your family member for addiction treatment in Pompano Beach. What makes us an ideal facility for treating drug and alcohol addiction? What makes us different? What makes us more comprehensive than other facilities? Were glad you asked! At Northstar IOP, our purpose is not only to treat the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction but to educate and guide our clients to becoming the person they are meant to be.

Our CEO Michael Chahalis and our Admissions Director Eddie Vega started Northstar with the goal of being more than just a fix them and leave them clinic. They knew that alcoholism and addiction needed to be treated as more than just a harmful disease. They knew that their clients who were struggling with addiction and alcoholism were human beings in need of true healing and therapeutic care in all aspects, not just medical or behavioral. They knew that each client needed more than just treatment, they needed to become a new, well-rounded, happier person that no longer needed to resort to harm to cope with the rigors of life. They needed to recover and heal. With that in mind, Michael and Eddie started Northstar to achieve these goals.

You should choose Northstar IOP because we try our hardest to help you grow and improve, not just treat the symptoms. This belief permeates the very core of our facility, and we really do want to see our clients succeed and get past the addictions and alcoholism that they grapple with. Far too many facilities believe that drug addiction recovery and alcohol addiction recovery are just diseases to be treated. Northstar staff knows that addiction and alcoholism are more than sicknesses they are a state of mind that need to be left behind with their symptoms and their damage. We can help you through this process, but we cant help you if you dont ask!

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If you are interested in our intensive outpatient program, please give us a call and one of our friendly representatives will be more than happy to answer your questions. We can provide you with more information about our beliefs, our treatment, and payment options. We would like to help you get past this turbulent time. You only need to reach out to us! Contact Northstar IOP today to learn more.

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